Liberec is cultural, industry and sport centre. Town is situated in the fold of Jizerske mountains and Jested`s peak.The first village is there dated in the year 1352. The development of the town started in the 16th century, when Liberec became to be the administrative centre of Liberec`s domination. Liberec is well known for its textile industry.

The important historical memory is the Renaissance castle, which is situated in the centre of the town, its oldest part is from the year 1°578. Other important memories are the town hall from the end of 19th century, museum from the end of 19th century and the build of the theater, the church of st. Anton from the 16th century. The modern dominant of the town is the TV sender from architect Hubacek.

Liberec is important centre of summer and winter sports. The slopes of Jested`s peak offers ski slopes, ski jumpers centre, in the centre of the town is swimming pool and other sport`s resort.

Liberec - Web:

City information centre - nám. Dr.E.Beneše 1, 460 59 Liberec, tel.: +420-485 101 709, fax: +420-485 105 507, e-mail:

Botanical garden - this is the most modern garden in the Czech republic, garden has 7500 tropical and subtropical flowers in greeneries, 1500 outdoor flowers, swan flowers and else, Web:

ZOO - the oldest ZOO in Czech republic, 170 kind of animals, white tigers, the biggest collection of birds of prey in Europe, more information at websites, Web:

The gallery - the gallery was in the past residence of Mr. Libig, open for the public is from the year 1946, Web:

Museum - non typical building, historical exposition about settlement of north Czech republic., Web:

The centre of Babylon - the little town in the town, shopping, adventure and entertainments centre, parking house, casino, restarants, aqua park, luna park, bowling, laser game and else, Web:

Swimming pool - sport and relax centre, swimming pool 50m, whirlpools, saunas, massages and toboggans, Web:

Ski resort Jested - new ski resort with one cabin lift, 3 chair lifts and 5 lifts, snacks bars, parking lots, ski schools, accommodation, rent of skies, Web:

Liberec Liberec
Liberec Liberec
Liberec - Spa Liberec - Spa
Liberec - Townhall Liberec - Townhall
Liberec Liberec
Liberec - Ještěd Liberec - Ještěd
Liberec - Theatre of F.X.Šalda Liberec - Theatre of F.X.Šalda
Theatre of F.X.Šalda
Liberec - Museum Liberec - Museum
Liberec - Chateau Liberec - Chateau
Liberec chateau
Liberec Liberec
Liberec - Library Liberec - Library
Liberec - Dam Liberec - Dam
Liberec - ZOO Liberec - ZOO
ZOO Liberec
Liberec - Centre Babylon Liberec - Centre Babylon
Centre Babylon
Liberec - Botanic gardens Liberec - Botanic gardens
Botanic gardens